Buffini & Company Brings Peak Performers Elite Business Conference to San Diego

Carlsbad, CA—March, 2011— Buffini & Company, the largest coaching and training company in North America, is excited to announce the 2011 Peak Performers™ Elite Business Conference in San Diego, California.

Peak Performers is an exclusive, three—day conference for top producers in the real estate industry. Developed in 2002, Peak Performers is focused on providing synergy and insight to function at an elite level in business and life. “Peak Performers is for people who are, or want to be, on top of their game. It covers content for the next level in business in an intimate and informal setting where the best–of–the–best get to meet and synergize,” says Brian Buffini, CEO & Founder of Buffini & Company.

Some of the cutting—edge content addressed by Buffini at Peak Performers includes:

  • Breaking through old patterns and building your plan for a premier business
  • Insights on how top earners handle their money
  • How to leverage your energy and time for maximum impact
  • Getting a customized manual to plan your most profitable business

The conference features a dinner with Buffini, his wife Beverly and fellow Peak Performer attendees as well as three synergy lunches with Buffini & Company’s highest achievers. To secure reservations for this event, visitwww.buffiniandcompany.com or call 1-800-945-3485 x 2339 for Alton Hitchcock or x 2363 for Melanie Hitchcock.

Event Details: May 19–21
Location: San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina
Register Online: www.buffiniandcompany.com/peak
Call: 1–800–945–3485 x 2339 or x 2363
Hotel: Special event rates negotiated (visit the website for details)