Buffini & Company Honors Maria and Dan O’Dell as “Mentors of the Year”

Dan and Maria O’Dell, Realtors at Keller Williams Realty Partners in Overland Park, Kansas, have been recognized as Buffini and Company’s 2016 “Mentors of the Year”.

Carlsbad, CA – August 30, 2016: Each year, one Certified Mentor of Buffini & Company’s Peak Producers Agent Training Program is honored for his or her high-level commitment to impacting and improving the lives of real estate agents. This year’s recipients, the O’Dells, lead by example and inspire agents in the Kansas City Metro area to achieve success by building their relationships and working by referral.

The O’Dells grew their business by embracing Buffini & Company’s Work by Referral System and throwing high-end client parties. “Our ambassadorship of the Peak Producer program has allowed us to open the class to agents across franchises as well as our preferred vendors,” says Maria O’Dell. “It’s been a win-win for all of us as we continue to increase the level of service in our marketplace. This program has helped us fulfill our mission of improving the real estate process and experience throughout the Kansas City area.”

Over the past few years, the O’Dells have been offering Peak Producers, a 12-week training program developed by industry expert, Brian Buffini. The program, available in-person or online, helps agents learn the habits, attitude and skills required to be a professional business owner and produce at a consistent high level. The O’Dells were chosen as the 2016 Mentors of the Year from more than 2,500 active Buffini & Company Certified Mentors across the United States and Canada. They’ve led 279 agents from across the Kansas City Metro area through the Peak Producers Program since 2012, when the program launched.

“The O’Dells have exemplified Buffini & Company’s referral system for over 16 years and we couldn’t be happier to have them as mentors and ambassadors of Peak Producers,” says J’aime Nowak, Buffini & Company’s Director of Corporate Development and Master Trainer. “Their dedication to the program and consistent success in our competitive industry gives their students positive role models to look up to and helps propel the industry forward”.
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