Buffini & Company Opens Fourth Building in Carlsbad

Continued growth drives additional office space at Buffini & Company in Carlsbad, CA

Carlsbad, CA – May 5, 2015: Buffini & Company is delighted to announce the opening of its fourth building in Carlsbad, CA. The additional office space will allow for growth in its coaching and training programs, as well as a dedicated space for its sales team.

Dermot Buffini, CEO of Buffini & Company says “The addition of this new facility reflects our core values to live what we teach, and in this case, we’re pro-actively responding to the growth in our business, and investing in the growth we know is coming down the road.“

For twenty years, Buffini & Company has impacted and improved the lives of people by teaching a unique and highly-effective lead generation system along with comprehensive business coaching and training programs designed to help people reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

“We couldn’t be happier to see our company expand it is a wonderful opportunity for us to help more real estate agents and small business owners grow productive and profitable businesses,” says Dermot.

For additional information, visit www.buffiniandcompany.com.


About Buffini & Company
Headquartered in Carlsbad, CA, Buffini & Company is the largest real estate coaching and training company in North America. Founded by real estate expert and master motivator Brian Buffini, the company provides a unique and highly-effective lead generation system and comprehensive business coaching and training programs which have helped entrepreneurs in 37 countries improve their business, increase net profit and enhance their quality of life.

For more information about Buffini & Company, please visit www.buffiniandcompany.com

About Brian Buffini
Brian Buffini is chairman and founder of Buffini & Company. Internationally recognized as a real estate expert and master motivator, more than 3 million people have attended Brian’s events and seminars. He is the author of Oh, by the way…, Work by Referral, Live the Good Life!, and Takin’ Care of Business, the Big Idea for Small Business.

For more information about Brian Buffini, please visit www.brianbuffini.com